Happy Mother’s Day To Racing Moms

-From Contributor, Mike Miessler of BeaterLife.com

I know this is a bit late.  Mother’s Day is the one day a year that we specifically set aside to observe how great all our mother are.  All moms are special people that deserve our respect and our love. Racing Moms are a cut above the rest.

The Racing Mom is a tough and hearty mom. She stands by with open arms as she watched her children spend countless hours in the shop wrenching, behind the wheel of a simulator chasing down that extra tenth, or being helped out of the medical car after a bad day.   Racing moms make sure that when your taking a break between sessions that a cold bottle of water or juice is waiting alongside some snacks.

Racing moms are constantly supportive. They’re there when you can’t accept failure.  A hug after getting shunted out in turn 1 is always there.  When your coaches are tough on you she’s there. When you’re busy beating yourself up about not doing well enough.  Mom is there letting you know you did your best, even if you can improve.

Racing Moms; not soccer moms, not dance moms, not any other type of mom, have to put up with more than others.  They’re strong, tough, hearty women.  Most of all they’re loving, supportive, and put up with long road trips, early mornings and all-nighters. They are ready to pick up they’re daughters and sons when they need it most, both on and off the track.

There is more than one Racing Mom at the track.  Racing Moms are everywhere. They socialize with each other. Telling stories and sharing news, they help each other, lift each other up, and make life a little easier at the track.

On any weekend, at any track they don’t just hand out orange slices and hugs. They work hard as part of the team.  Racing moms aren’t afraid to pick up a wrench or a screwdriver and help where they can.  They have no problem climbing to the top of a grandstand to observe a corner or help with spotting.  Racing moms know the difference between ratchets and wrenches. Racing moms are tech support, emotional support, and catering.  Racing moms are the best teammates.

Here’s to all the racing mom’s out there.  The drivers, engineers, techs, marshals, and other racing personnel that you stand behind; we’re all lucky to have you in our lives.

Thank You Racing Moms and Happy Mother’s Day!