My Life at Speed is about all things fast, interesting people, and whatever else I think someone out there will appreciate. My name Is Greg Tracy. I make my living as a stunt driver in movies and commercials. The lifestyle associated with going fast is one filled with high energy characters, risk takers, and lots of great stories. That is what you will find here.

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Greg Tracy

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  1. I placed an order on April 13, 2018 for Dumonde Tech Pro X Chain Lube 4 oz size. Order # 29835 priced at $17.99 plus $7.66 for Priority Mail Shipping, paid via Pat Pal. I received my order today. The tube it was shipped in is empty….No Content…No Lid. My phone number is 412-995-8317. What should I do?

    • Hi George,

      We are sorry the tube was empty, yet USPS still delivered it. Smart thinking. Some where between us and you, there was enough weight from another package, it popped off the top. It is actually a bit of a challenge to remove the plugs so mishandling has been the culprit. We will send a replacement today and will staple the plugs in place.

      Andy DeVol
      VP of Sales

  2. Than you Andy, I appreciate it. To be honest, the end that popped off looks as if it could have been stapled a little more securely….just sayin’. Thanks again!!!

    • My pleasure.

      We have not had to staple the caps on single bottles since it has not been a problem. Two in the past week how ever is to much, so we will the stapling both ends which should be more then enough to secure them on. We have not had any issues with stapled in caps.

      • Andy,

        Good Morning. I received my Pro X today. Thanks for the promp reply & service.

        However, I ordered 4 oz but was only shipped 2 oz. Would you please send me 2 more oz?



        • Hello again GEORGE! 🙂

          Good gawd. When an order goes array, it just goes. In the mail again. What a screwy week.

          The lube is certainly worth all this isn’t it? Next time you place an order, it should go much smoother, just like the chain lube. 🙂



  3. Hi Greg,

    It was an absolute pleasure speaking with you at Glen Cove on Sunday. This is Brian and Mikal and you asked us to be sure to reach out and contact you through your website.

    We are hoping to see you again out on the mountain next year for another go at it! You made the event something special by hanging out and chatting for some time with us.

    HOPE TO STAY IN TOUCH AND WE WILL BE KEEPING AN EYE OUT FOR YOU IN FUTURE EVENTS, as well as looking forward to the developments on future films.

    Take care, and we are wishing for a safe and speedy recovery for your son!

    ps: thanks for signing the photo on my phone 🙂

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