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Drivers Inc., kills it in Superbowl LII ads

If you watched Super Bowl LII, you saw one of the most epic contests of all time, especially if you were a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles — or Drivers Inc.

The game was dominated by commercials that featured Drivers Inc. members. From Jeep to Kia to Dodge to Hyundai, the DI team was on display to over 103 million people throughout the game.

Our MVP has to be Rhys Millen, who had four —yes, four—spots running during the NFL’s season-concluding event. Three of them appear below alongside spots featuring Greg Tracy, Brent Fletcher and Mike Johnson.

Greg Tracy and Steven Tyler traveled back in time for Kia:

Mike Johnson helped showcase several generations of Pepsi drinkers:

Brent Fletcher kept young and old versions of Jeff Goldblum from being devoured by a T-Rex:

Rhys Millen and Jeep joined forces to produce their brand manifesto:

Rhys Millen and Dodge took advantage of the empty streets left by a country watching the Super Bowl:

Written by Rick Beets

Rick Beets

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