My Life at Speed – Founded by Team Hot Wheels Driver, Professional Stuntman and Pikes Peak Champion – Greg Tracy

My Life at Speed is about all things fast, interesting people, and whatever else I think someone out there will appreciate. My name is Greg Tracy. I am a Hot Wheels, Team Green Driver and I hold the Guinness World Record for completing the Double Loop Dare at X Games in 2012. I am a 7 time Pikes Peak Champion. I make my living as a stunt driver in movies and commercials. The lifestyle associated with going fast is one filled with high energy characters, risk takers, and lots of great stories. That is what you will find here.

Meet The Team


Greg Tracy


As one of the elite Team Hot Wheels drivers, Greg Tracy, captured a Guinness Book of World Record when he performed the Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare at the 2012 X Games. The iconic 7 story tall orange track allowed the kid in all of us to experience what 7G’s and a seven story loop would be like, real time in real life. Tracy is also one of the top stuntmen in Hollywood. Greg has been providing stunts for movies and commercials since 1991, with stunts in blockbuster movies such as: Act of Valor, The Avengers, GI Joe, Bourne Ultimatum, Wanted, Talladega Nights and The Fast and Furious. Greg Tracy, won the elite World Stunt Award for his work in The Bourne Ultimatum. Even as his stunt career was taking off, that wasn’t enough excitement. Greg decided that he needed to race in one of the most extreme racing events in the world – The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. The course has 156 harrowing turns, over 4000 foot elevation change and drop-offs that fall up to six thousand feet down sheer rock cliffs. Pikes Peak is known for “no guardrails” and takes racers up one of the most difficult terrains to race 12.4 miles to the summit of one of the most dangerous race courses in the world. Greg Tracy has conquered Pikes Peak and is a 6 time Champion – having wins in the motorcycle division for both BMW and Ducati. Greg has also won the Baja 1000, raced Formula 2000, raced for Mitsubishi in the MiEV Evolution II Electric Vehicle, Indy Cars and has gone over 210 mph on a motorcycle at the Bonneville Salt Flats during several World Record Attempts. Greg Tracy’s exploits can be followed on My Life at Speed. My Life at Speed is about all things fast, interesting people, and whatever else someone out there will appreciate. It celebrates the lifestyle associated with going fast – one filled with high energy characters, risk takers, and lots of great stories.



Chris Nazarenus


My Life at Speed Co-Founder Chris Nazarenus, had a chance meeting with key executives at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1998. It would be the “Jerry McGuire” moment that would change her life forever. Although at that time, she knew nothing about motorsports, she certainly does now. She has successfully built 3 motorsports related companies, including one of the largest motorsports photographic archives.

Although her love of speed keeps her following motorsports, Chris Nazarenus had an opportunity to develop an online education company, Medical Marijuana 411. Founded in 2009, Medical Marijuana 411 is one of the first and most trusted online resources for medical cannabis education. Our community of physicians, patients, and researchers are committed to providing the very best online education platform based on peer reviewed research for those seeking education that is research based and unbiased.  The Advanced Learning Management System by Medical Marijuana 411 is a state-of-the-art educational platform that delivers a full array of online cannabis courses and medical marijuana certifications. We are certified by the states of Alaska and Washington, offering the Alaska Marijuana Handler Permit and the Medical Marijuana Consultant Certification program for Washington state.

Ms. Nazarenus has been quoted in D.A. Benton‚s book, How to Act Like a CEO. Artemis Images’ business case is featured in “Technology Ventures – From Ideas to Enterprise”, McGraw Hill and studied by MBA students worldwide. In 2007, Chris was a nominee for the prestigious Denver Business Journals “Woman Entrepreneur of the Year”. Chris is a graduate of the University of Puget Sound.



Andy DeVol

VP Sales

Andy is a seasoned sales veteran and has developed innovative products for motorsports, bicycle and firearm industries. With his long term commitment to Dumonde Tech, Andy has been the innovator behind the Dumonde Tech Pro X line of VOC free bicycle products and the TRUE BLUE suite of firearm lubricants and cleaners.  Both product lines are available on the My Life at Speed store.

If you would like to talk to Andy and learn more about TRUE BLUE gun lubricants and cleaners or Dumonde Tech Motorsports lubricants, feel free to contact him directly.



Rick Beets

VP Technical Operations

As VP of Technical Operations, Rick is responsible for all the different technical facets of My Life at Speed’s operations. Rick utilizes skills he garnered from a long sales career in the high technology sector. He understands what it takes to deploy sophisticated web applications and is dedicated to achieving the goals of each and every client.



Lane Trachy

Digital Content Curator

Lane Tracy is based in Southern California and is a content curator for My Life at Speed. He focuses on new developments in motorsports and racing. He works to provide unbiased commentary on what is happening in the medical cannabis community. He spends his free time playing guitar, walking on the beach and desert racing with his father Greg.