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Conor Daly Jokes Around at Victory Banquet

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Conor Daly Wins Victory Awards Banquet

This year was the 100th anniversary of arguably the greatest race in America, and after a long hard month of Indy 500 mania it’s good to kick back and goof around a little.  Alex Rossi may have won the big race this weekend, but Conor Daly won the Victory Banquet afterwards.  WTHR Indianapolis caught him joking around at the awards banquet with topics that include George Washington, Christopher Columbus, and the world famous Snake Pit.

I’d like to thank Christopher Columbus for coming over here and discovering this great place, and I’d like to thank George Washington for establishing such a wonderful country.

Normally you’d expect a quote like this from a driver to be a bit of a PR nightmare, but with comedic grace and absolute perfect timing, Daly slayed the audience and gave us an awards banquet speech worth listening to.


Conor Daly Joking At Victory Awards Banquet

Written by Mike Miessler

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