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“Miata Girls” Get Web Redemption

“Miata Girls” Get A Web Redemption

Remember those girls that destroyed some poor guys’ Miata?  It turns out the Miata Girls got a “Web Redemption” when pro drivers Drake Kemper and Sam Barnett  took them for a spin around The Thermal Club in a couple Global MX-5 Cup Cars.  After a lap or two I’m pretty sure they found out why the answer is always Miata. They wont be dancing on anyone’s convertible top anytime soon.

Original Description: Teaching “Those Miata Girls” a lesson about Mazda’s.



Written by Mike Miessler

Mike Miessler

I inherited the "car gene" from my brother. He painted car models. I crashed them. After a short stint in college on an FSAE team, I realized that I'm better at fixing cars than I am at driving them. That took me around the U.S. and Canada playing with race cars of all sorts; Formula Fords, MX5 Cup cars, and Porsche Cup cars.

For the last decade I've been lucky enough to meet great people, see awesome tracks, and get my hands dirty on a little bit of everything. Now I'm writing about cars. A little different from driving and working on them, but just as fun!

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