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IJSBA Jet Ski Racing

Spring days on the water - A recipe for a very good day.

IJSBA Jet Ski Racing

This was the first time I had ever been to an IJSBA Jet Ski race and I had no idea what to expect.  For me, if it has a motor and goes fast, I’m pretty much on board – except lawn mower racing.  I just don’t get lawn mower racing.  Explain it to me all you want, but I’ll still probably never open up to the idea.  But jet skis rocketing across the water at irresponsible speeds – yeah, I’m a newly minted fan.  Now that I’ve had the chance to experience this awesome ridiculousness, I’ll be searching for more opportunities to attend.

IJSBA Jet Ski Racing

I immediately found that this type of racing is very similar to most any other type of grass roots racing – a fact that I love, because I’ve always had an affinity for watching amateurs learn and grow in their chosen hobby.  Seeing someone improve over the course of a season (or even just an afternoon or weekend) is a pretty awesome experience.  I’ve talked about this before, and I’ll reiterate here: It’s all about the joy.  The joy you can see on someones face when it finally clicks.  You know what I’m talking about.  You struggle with something, but keep going at it with a determination to get better, and then finally something clicks and your one time problem is now the most fun part of your day.  It feels good, doesn’t it?

IJSBA Jet Ski Racing

It was the same thing here.  You see these folks lap after lap aggressively attacking the course, maybe having trouble with one turn or another, and then you see them get it right – it’s pretty cool when you get to witness that.

IJSBA Jet Ski Racing

Never been to a jet ski race?  Find one and go check it out.

Here are my favorite photos from the IJSBA Jet Ski race in Elma, Washington.

IJSBA Jet Ski Racing IJSBA Jet Ski Racing IJSBA Jet Ski Racing IJSBA Jet Ski Racing IJSBA Jet Ski Racing IJSBA Jet Ski Racing IJSBA Jet Ski Racing IJSBA Jet Ski Racing IJSBA Jet Ski Racing IJSBA Jet Ski Racing IJSBA Jet Ski Racing IJSBA Jet Ski Racing

If you dig it – do it.  If your Really dig it – do it a lot. ~Jim Croce.


Written by Ken Stouffer

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