Jordan Taylor Explains “The Cool Guy Half Crack”

Jordan Taylor took to his Facebook recently to help explain some of the intricate nuances of the racing world to some of his fans.  Here he is describing the “Cool Guy Half Crack”:

Jordan Taylor What I am going to explain is the racing world’s ‘cool guy factor’ known as the ‘cool guy half crack’. It’s based on the visor position on the helmet. At different points of openness, it tells you how cool the driver is, or how cool he thinks he is. This analysis is for when the driver is standing or sitting with his helmet, sitting in the car in the pits, or at any point while driving a closed cockpit car without an air hose. When a driver puts on the helmet, he has a few options. He can place his visor in multiple locations: fully open (full crack), half crack, quarter crack, or no crack (closed). Now as you can probably imagine, the less crack you have the less airflow you’re getting, and depending on the visor tint, the less vision as well. But that’s where the cool factor comes in. The less crack has an inverse correlation to the coolness. For example, a quarter cracked visor is as cool as you’re going to get (just to clarify, no crack makes no sense…this guy clearly doesn’t know what he’s doing). The quarter cracker is the guy who made a decision in his mind to have a quarter crack, especially if cameras are nearby. It doesn’t just happen on its own. It gives off the ‘bad boy’ look, or the ‘guy who doesn’t text back, but keeps posting pics on Instagram’. Or maybe it was a mental decision for legitimate reasons…maybe they’re having a bad eye brow day, maybe they forgot to trim the unibrow. I’m not here to judge, just to lay out the options and let you choose. A half cracker is where it could get questionable. Did he do this on purpose, or was it just a fluke. Either way, he’s pretty cool, or at least feels like he is. But there still remains a mystery when you can’t see their eyes. In my eyes (pun intended), the only reason to have a half crack is during sunrise or sunset, to keep the sun out of your eyes. Now, my personal favorite and my personal preference, the full cracker. The full crack allows maximum airflow and maximum vision. It also grants access and opportunity to make awkward eye contact. This is a guy who is comfortable with his coolness. Pictured above you can see that I am a full cracker and Lewis Hamilton is a half cracker. ‪#‎CoolGuyHalfCrack‬-Jordan Taylor‬