The 2011 World Rally Championship season has shown many signs of positive improvement over the past months.  The new generation of cars, and new drivers have created a spark in the WRC that is capturing the attention of fans, and more manufacturers EX: Volkswagen.  These new cars are louder and more challenging for the drivers to drive, creating an atmosphere much more intense than in years past.  Ford wants to beat Citroen more now than ever, and have put forth a great effort.  The problem is one word that haunts the Ford boys mind’s, “SEB”.  The seven time World Champion Sébastien Loeb has won four events this year, and doesn’t seem to feel the need to retire any time soon.

WRC Germany marks the first time the new generation of WRC cars have attacked tarmac.  Even with the reduced power, the cars look faster than ever, and are putting on a fantastic show for the fans.  One of the main highlights of the event so far has to be the mint MINI WRC team.  After just a few stages it has became apparent that MINI is on track to take a top 5 spot, or maybe be on the podium with their John Cooper Works WRC.

If you want to catch up on the action, watch these great highlight shows that everyone in the rest of the world gets to see.

……or head over to for split times and stories.  I promise the videos are more fun though.

– Colin Brandt