Here is a highlights reel of the Southern 100 2011.  The Southern 100 is part of the Isle of Man Circuit and showcases some of the best motorcycle and sidecar racers in the world.  Check out this highlights video and then check out the BIG CRASH in the second video – luckily, both riders had no life threatening injuries – even though you can see with one of the riders, Dan Sayle, the impact was so great that his boots were literally blown off his feet.  Crazy stuff!

The Highlights video:


YouTube Description:
During the Supersport 600cc race of the Southern 100 2011, there was an incident involving 2 rider’s, Dan Sayle and Dave Taylor, on the approach to the ‘Bombhole’ or ‘Billown Dip’ section of the course. You can see that from the impact, one of Dan Sayle’s boots was blown clean off and following the crash, his remaining boot has almost been completely removed too. Furthermore, keep an eye out in the background for the spectator who manages to perform a superman dive of epic proportions in order to avoid the incident!

Luckily, the rider’s injuries were not life threatening, and the marshals and response team were as quick as ever to respond and help the competitors following the incident. A marshal, who was struck by one of the machines, received a leg injury, but will thankfully make a full recovery. Long live road racing!