Just when you thought a Formula 1 race car doing a burnout couldn’t get any cooler – science makes it the coolest! Formula 1’s TV coverage has taken on a new dimension with the introduction of infrared footage of race cars. This innovation allows us to see how much heat is in the tires, as well as, why it’s necessary to change them during a race. In this video, you’ll see what a burnout looks like in infrared. We don’t blame you for hitting repeat on this one because we sure did! Hat tip to Velocity.

YouTube Description by FLIR Thermography:

FLIR, an innovation partner with Infiniti Red Bull Racing, had the opportunity to capture some great footage at GAMMA Racing Day 2014. Using a FLIR x6580sc infrared camera, we were able to capture in high speed, the Infiniti Red Bull car’s tires heating up as the driver burned rubber. Other thermal cameras used were the FLIR T650sc and the FLIR B660.

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