This video was sent to us by John G. Hill via “Submit Your Story” right here on our site. (Thanks, John!) Shaun Cole, host of the YouTube series, The Simpit, participated in the Allen Berg Racing School’s one-day racing program at Arizona Motorsports Park. As you’ll see in the video, Shaun describes his entire experience in an F1600 race car including what happened when the skies opened and a terrible storm caused havoc for them. He didn’t leave much out and it should give anyone more than a fair idea of what to expect from this kind of training course. As motorsports enthusiasts ourselves, we highly recommend going to racing schools in order to learn the correct techniques in a controlled environment. It also doesn’t hurt to meet others who share your passion and enthusiasm for racing. Stick around for the very end of the episode and see quick interview with our friend, Drivers Inc.’s, Brett Smrz.

YouTube Description by The Simpit:

For any sim racer or automotive enthusiast an opportunity to drive a real racecar on a real track would be a chance of a lifetime. For many of us our bucket list is filled with Cars, race tracks and many other automotive related items. For me this is the same and I was recently able to knock an item off of my bucket list.

Allen Berg Racing School is a formula type vehicle racing school that runs at a handful of track in the southwest United States. Their school runs a F1600 race car and has many different programs to give people like me a taste of the action.

I was recently able to attend one of the ABRS classes at Arizona Motorsports Park and I chronicled my experiences along the way. In this video you get an idea of what it is like to attend a one day racing program like this.

Allen Berg Racing Schools:…

ABRS one day program that I ran:…

I would also like to thank John Hill for helping facilitate this activity as well as driving me out to phoenix and being the camera man. In addition I want to thank Allen Berg and the entire ABRS staff, they were some of the best in the business and made this adventure very fun and fulfilling.