Based in a 1600sq meter renovated factory building in Camperdown Sydney, Deus is a different kind of custom motorbike company and cafe racers. The company focuses on a custom motorbike culture that first emerged in America and Europe in the 1940s and recently experienced a resurgence in Japan, America and Australia. While the sale of motorcycles and parts is at the core of the business, visitors to the Deus showroom in Camperdown will find hand built fixed gear track bicycles, retro-inspired surfboards, a range of Deus brand clothing and luggage as well as a range of items which feature timeless design and reflect the Deus culture.

This video showcases the lifestyle and culture that surrounds the Deus brand, from custom motorbikes, to retro-inspired surfing to handbuilt track bikes, and more.

Deus Ex Machina –