As some of you have noticed, I have a special love for vintage race cars. So, I thought I’d feature a car periodically to give you a taste of some very fine, but somewhat old, machinery.  I’m going to start with Wayne Gonder’s 1966 BMW 2000CS.  I just posed the question on Facebook, “Wayne, tell us about your car”, and you can see his passion in what he wrote.

“This is a 1966 BMW 2000CS built and owned by Brian Nelson. This is a fantastic car to drive, very stable and predictable. This CS utilizes a 2.0L 4cyl built with Venolia race pistons, a 296 regrind cam and a ported head to put power down through a close ratio 5 speed to its Hankook 225 50 14’s for plenty of track holding grip.  The car corners like it’s on rails and provides confidence and opportunity to take many people in the twisties.

The car is a bit heavier than the 2002’s (partially extra driver weight…) so in the straights, I often get walked. I can’t say enough about how much of a blast this car is to drive in such a great club, Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing, filled with exciting venues and a ton of friendly, skilled drivers and workers. I am in the process of building a sister car to this one which will hopefully debut next season. It’ll be great to see two of these beauties on the track!”

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