As part of my rehab to get ready to shoot my favorite race, the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, I’ve been getting out and shoot racing any time I can.  A few weeks ago, it was up in Georgetown catching the ice racing.  After a few weeks of cruddy weather, we finally had a nice weekend, so out to High Plains Raceway near Byers Colorado we went.

Sunday’s driver school started early and we wanted to be in position to catch the best early morning light on track.  So I’m up and out the door before sunrise to meet up with Dave Philip to make the hour drive to the track.  Once there, we hustle out to the far west end of the track to be in position for the start of the first group of the day.  High Plains Raceway has some really great elevation changes, so I got a bit more of a work out than I expected.  By the end of the day we had a great time working different angles and working on my pan technique.

Here are my favorites from the day.

lrb-3314 lrb-3316 lrb-3320 lrb-3328 lrb-3329 lrb-3333 lrb-3340

Yes, Herbie lives, and he’s pretty quick.
Pushing her 2.5 RS hard and loving it!


lrb-3355 lrb-3357 lrb-3362 lrb-3363 lrb-3364