I was perusing various items on eBay Motors when oddly enough, a random rat rod came up in the listings. Curiosity got the better of me and I clicked on the image to get a closer look. Now these cars have always interested me. It’s a sub culture in the car enthusiast realm that has steadily picked up popularity over the past decade. The basic ingredients for a rat rod are fairly simple. Something old, american, rusty, a steady mix of various parts often used for something other than its intended design or demographic. Also a large engine and lowered appearance are the status quo. Did I mention rust?

These rolling frankensteins are a mix of innovation and art. Think of them as the culmination of hot rods, street rods, and Mad Max all mixed together with a little rock-a-billy. With the increase in popularity we are now starting to see more elaborate and  high dollar rat rods, which seems to go against the grain of its once humble roots.  Influence has spread to some not so common rat rods like the BMW 535i seen at this years SEMA.

In this weeks eBay Motors search, we explore the world of rat rods. Below are some of the examples that can be found. Click on the image to view the listing.

A fine example of what todays rat rod looks like.
Rusty pickup
One badass pickup
1929 Ford Model A. Slightly modified..
1932 Ford. The contrast of a rolling tetanus shot in a clean room
Another 1929 Ford. They seem to be a popular choice
1955 Ford COE Big Job. I see a lot of potential for this. “60 years of patina” according to the owner.
This one might be pushing the envelope but you can’t deny its definitely a one of a kind..
An example of a high dollar Ford Model A
A fine example of a rat rod. Throw back to Rat Fink and the essence of where it got its start.


Obviously there are many, many more types and styles of rat rods. What we have here is just a small example of whats available for purchase this week. With new listings each day, who knows what tomorrow may bring. Given the choice, what would be your ideal rat rod? Sound off below.