MWorks Garage in Cincinnati held its 1st annual Bimmers Boost & BBQ on Sunday, 6-26-2016. Through friends, social media, and word of mouth, owner and creator of MWorks Brian Cain and his staff attracted nearly 400 cars in just a month’s notice. Freshly grilled burgers, hot dogs, water, and all the trimmings were provided free of charge to guests. Hundreds of enthusiasts from all walks of life with an immense diversity of cool cars showed up, Brian did not expect a turn-out of this magnitude.



Although performance and BMW automobiles are the specialty at MWorks Garage, the business provides repair and maintenance services to all makes. “At MWorks Garage, we enhance high performance cars. We’re known for swapping engines, custom fabrication, race chassis prepping, one-off part production, chip enhancements, precision tuning, bodywork, paint and our award winning show cars.”



During our interview 2 days after the event, Brian expressed great respect and appreciation for all types of cars and their owners. He created MWorks Garage in 2013 but his desire and passion for something bigger started much earlier in life. Building model cars since 3 years old and helping his father with fixing cars and appliances, Brian developed a passion for cars and working with his hands. His passion for BMW began years ago while visiting a friend who worked at a BWW dealership he would frequent for fun and friendships. Today, in addition to being an active member of BMW Car Club of America, he has great regard for BMW history, design, and heritage by continuing to study and learning hands-on.




Although MWorks does not have a marketing budget or formal paid advertising, it has built great global appeal and following through social media and event appearances. MWorks Garage takes pride in providing exquisite craftsmanship and it’s uniquely influential in the car and BWW enthusiast community. I found Brian and his staff to be easy going, down-to-earth, and humbled by all of this attention; Brian respectfully repeating: “I let my work speak for itself…”


Each MWork they create speaks to the extraordinary talent, skill, and drive that Brian and the staff at MWorks Garage have, continuing their reach, growth, and influence in the global car community.


Article & Photography by:

Serafin Jovet, My Life At Speed writer and photographer