The greatest thing about Flat Track Motorcycle racing is…well, everything.  It’s all the things we all love about racing.  It’s going fast, getting sideways, spraying dirt and seeing the craziest of the racing crazy maneuver their machines through traffic at mind numbing speeds. And the mile is surely the pinnacle of this insanity. It’s a 120mph one handed tuck behind the bars down the straights and a nearly-as-fast flick to the left through the turns.

While there are modern machines making their way around the track on this Sunday afternoon, the real action is in the vintage classes.  The machines, and even the riders, might be a little long in the tooth, but that doesn’t stop them from putting on one heck of a show.  Wheel-to-wheel and shoulder-to-shoulder is how these guys get it done.  The turnout for this weekends racing was very good and most of the classes were full which meant two rows deep off the start and a mad dash to turn one in every heat.  Incredible action as these veteran racers jockey for position on the track.

If you love racing, any kind of racing, get yourself and your friends out to one of Eddie Mulder’s Vintage Dirt track races. You won’t be disappointed.


For those of you that have been asking about Eddie’s plan for an all dirt hill climb at Mike’s Sky Ranch in Mexico, Eddie tells me he’s going down to Mexico in a couple weeks to speak with a few people and do a feasibility study.  Want to get involved? You can!  Get in touch with My Life at Speed, to put you in touch with Eddie and lend your support or potential sponsorship.

My Life at Speed – Ken Stouffer

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