There are many of us that are part of the “club” that doesn’t stay at the host hotel for the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Although, the host hotel is a wonderful, full service hotel, many of us decide that part of the Pikes Peak experience is well, to stay in Manitou Springs.

Manitou is one of those sleepy communities where traditions run strong.  Even though many of us “big city” folk know that late night eats are part of our daily lives, we have to adjust to Manitou timing. No food after 10:00 pm. That in itself is not such a big deal as you quickly realized that there is some great stops that become an annual tradition in Manitou Springs. The 7-11 “hook up” during race week at 3:15 am, the creek running through the town, Fonda’s,- all part of the Manitou Springs experience.  We are prone to both the Mecca Motel and Rainbow Lodge…they treat us like family.

Motel and camping life is not for everyone. 3:00am wake up calls to head to practice are also not for everyone. But for those that have had the pleasure of a Manitou Springs motel and/or camping experience – and those that understand that there can be lots of sleep deprived, high altitude, oxygen depleted, mind altering time on your hands, this video is for you.  If you haven’t experienced camping and living in Manitou Springs for race week, well, you simply might not “get it”. For those of you that have – enjoy.

I found this piece just as funny as Tandom of Die’s “stuck”.    These guys are some of the best in the business and although this is pretty funny and stupid, most have seen their epic work – they shoot Pikes Peak like we see it. They get it.  You guys epitomize what “my life at speed” means and why we created it!   It was our pleasure to meet you at Fan Fest. Let’s do something together in the future!

Here is what they had to say about this piece:

When you get a bunch of rad media dudes together (Will Roegge, Joshua Herron, Linhbergh and Grady Nguyen, Larry Chen, Skylar Smith, Joe Ayala, and Justin Shreeve), we tend to do stupid shit. The best part is not that we do said shit, but rather that we document it and share it with anyone bored enough to watch it.

This week, the eight of us are covering the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC) for a number of drivers and media outlets. The thing is, we only shoot from 3-9am, so after that it’s nonstop shenanigans. Please enjoy this silly video and keep in mind how awesome the staff at the Green Willow Motel in Manitou Springs are for allowing us take advantage of their wonderful creek.

Look for more behind the scenes content from this and other automotive events in our upcoming DVD – Tandem of Die.

Shot by:
Justin Shreeve
Joe Ayala
Linhbergh Nguyen

Edit/Color by:
Justin Shreeve