Vimeo Description: The video was entirely shot on a Nokia N8 phone in 720p at 25 frames per second.  Soundtrack was created and modified in Garage Band.

The video function of the Nokia N8 is really impressive and the image quality very detailed considering it is “only” a phone. Not so surprising since the N8 is using a Carl Zeiss optic.

I first planned to only shoot by executing slow movements and from a certain distance to avoid pushing the sensor to its limits but i ended up shooting with some surprisingly great results, very close to the subjects and with fast movements, especially when mounted on the Steadicam.

Special thanks to Lydia from Nokia WOMWorld and to Nokia for the great opportunity and to have borrowed me a N8 phone for a few days to give me the chance to enter the Nokia N8 Producers competition. [​n8productions/​view.php?vid=27]

Thanks a lot to all the riders, Jordan Berthet, Flo Saint Simon, Basile Duterte, Morgann Lahaie and Florian Haffner.