Call Your Cuñados is a new short film from that focuses on the relationship between three men and their Volkswagen buses, as well as each other.  Robert Kennedy (1960 Double Door Panel Bus), Mark Pribanic (1958 Panel Bus) and David Pechumer (1965 Sundial Camper) call themselves cuñados, which is Spanish for brothers-in-law.  However, these guys take it to mean brotherhood and they’re always there for each other.  Whether they’re surfing, camping or helping to fix each other’s buses; no matter what happens you can always call your cuñados.

Vimeo Description:
“Cuñado” means brother in law in Spanish. In our circle of early bus friends we use the term as a bond between others that transcends the split window bus. Cuñado is a mindset and camaraderie developed through owning and maintaining early split window buses, camping, grilling out, and attending car shows and swap meets. We look out for one another as if we were family”. – Mark Pribanic

Directed by Frazer Spowart for