Saturday at X Games was all about the Hot Wheels Double Loop Challenge! The My Life at Speed crew was up early and out to catch all the action. With camera gear and coffee in hand, we were ready to take on anything.  Our challenge for the day was to follow Greg Tracy!  Here are some of the shots I caught throughout the day.  For a 10 second stunt it’s amazing how much work transpired throughout the day.


dsc_0477Greg Tracy taking time to pose with some adoring fans!

dsc_0482Matt Galantuomini talking with Greg about the loop, soo your on the right… Right?

dsc_0472We weren’t Greg’s only followers.  Countless TV Interviews from all outlets.

dsc_0501Tanner and Greg’s approach to their vehicles.

For those that missed it, here was the loop!

Greg and Tanner successfully landed the Hot Wheels jump and scrambled to the top of the ramp to the cheers of thousands of fans and millions of viewers! Greg and Tanner had just broken into the Guinness Book of World Records!



dsc_0780The Official Press Interviewsdsc_2145

The end of a hard day’s work, Greg takes a moment to briefly stop by the towering 6 story loop.

dsc_1800Stuntman by day, loving father always.  One of Greg’s Biggest little Fans: Son Wyatt gets behind the wheel of a fullsized Hot Wheel car

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