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GRC Seattle 2016 – Prelude

Say anything you want about Tanner Foust, except you can’t say he’s not great when it comes to engaging with the fans.  I’ve been covering Tanner and his many racing ventures quite a bit over the past six years, and each time I see him, he’s always going out of his way to accommodate the folks that come to see him.   GRC, Formula Drift, on the set of Top Gear USA, you name it – if there are people that want to speak with him, he’s going to ensure that he hears what they say, and engage them accordingly.

Tonight he and teammate Scott Speed were at Volkswagen of Kirkland signing autographs and when I rolled up, little more than ten minutes into the event, the line was already out the door and stretching down the side of the dealership.  I found Chris Leone, GRC’s awesome PR guy, and asked him if they expected the crowd to be so big.  He said “I don’t think anyone expected the crowd to be this big, but it’s great!”  There are clearly a good number of Tanner and Scott fans in the area, and several hundred made their way out to see them tonight.

If you couldn’t make your way out to Kirkland tonight, then be sure you head out to Evergreen Speedway in Monroe Friday and Saturday for the penultimate round of the 2016 season, GRC Seattle.

Here are a few photos from tonights pre-race event.

GRC Seattle 2016
Good crowd turned up to meed Tanner Andreeti team drivers Tanner Foust and Scott Speed.
GRC Seattle 2016
Tanner helped out with the raffle, calling numbers and congratulating the winners.
GRC Seattle 2016
Scott and Tanner signing hats and posters for the fans.
GRC Seattle 2016
Scott takes the mic and gets the crowd energized for the raffle.
GRC Seattle 2016
Tanner may have a bright future in politics…
GRC Seattle 2016
“Little” Tanner, a local quarter midget driver, was enlisted to help call the raffle numbers.

Written by Ken Stouffer

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