YouTube Description: John Pogson is one of the most important people in the world of Ferrari. He’s been fixing them and driving them since his early 20s. When it comes to restoration and race engineering, he’s simply one of the best.

In this episode of /DRIVEN, John tells the story of the oddball that has become a legend: the Dino.

*A strong thank you to John Hughes for lending his Dino to us and making this film possible.

From his company, Italia Autosport…

“Italia Autosport is now one of, if not the most, trusted, reliable and successful Ferrari independents in Europe, having a client base throughout the UK, some of which were first introduced to us back in 1975 and have remained loyal to us ever since.

Italia Autosport has also enjoyed success with major ‘Concours d’ Elegance’ events and British race championships, four of which were won by John Pogson himself, driving race cars such as Ferrari 328, Ferrari 355 and Ferrari F40’s.”