Greg Tracy and Tanner Foust will be racing a pair of vehicles through a six-story double vertical loop — Saturday at X Games Los Angeles 2012 (2:20 p.m. ET on ABC/ESPN).  It’s the Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare.

And for just what kind of physics will go into this wild stunt, check out the following infographic, courtesy of Hot Wheels.\:

Here are the specs of the Vehicles:
o   Vehicle Type – AWD advanced rally spec coupe
o   Engine – HWTF™ AD9 turbocharged 2.0 liters
o   Horsepower – HWTF™ rated 375 HP
o   Frame – steel unit body with internal cage and chassis reinforcement
o   Weight – 3000 lbs
o   Wheels – Rays GT-V 18”
o   Transmission – 6-speed manual
o   Wheelbase  – 262.5 cm (103.3 in)
o   Length – 449 cm (176.8 in)
o   Width – 177 cm (69.7 in)
o   Height – 145 cm (57.1 in)
o   Chassis: Hot Wheels purpose-build chassis; AWD
o   Suspension: pro-fit rally suspension
o   Race data monitoring: Motec system AEM computer motor module
o   Engine displacement: 2.4 liter turbo charged (4 cylinder)
o   Torque: 550 lbs
o   Both cars have hand brakes and fire suppression systems

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