I received a call from a from Daryl Yourk Tuesday morning to see if I was interested in attending Global Rallycross. He had won four tickets from the Puma/GRC Giveaway! With last minute flights being $500 to Vegas, Daryl and I decided to make the adventure by car! Our adventure goes a little like this:

First thing find the smallest car in the driveway and pack everything you own: Vinyl Cutter and photo printer included!


dsc_0053Next stop on the list was to run to Delta Camshaft to visit Jon Bodwell

dsc_0059With a few vinyl applications for his CRX race car that was to run at the Ridge Motorsports, a payment of 2 cases of NOS Energy Drinks was the perfect addition to the road trip.

dsc_0067After picking up Daryl at Seatac Airport and running up to Redmond to say good bye to the rest of the ML@S crew that stuck behind it was time to venture to Vegas!  We hopped on the on ramp to 520 and sat for an just over an hour making it 1/4 of mile from on-ramp to off-ramp.  Great start to a 20hr journey.

dsc_0096Once on the road and the sunset, nothing much was seen until the moon was setting just outside Twin Falls Idaho.

dsc_0105Passing thru desolate roads of Nevada we would come across small towns with great adventure ideas.  Unfortunately we were on a mission Vegas!  Maybe next time ghost train!

dsc_0110Ely Nevada Population 4088.  You really don’t expect to see a 360 Modena.

dsc_0136We made it to our hotel for the 2 days courtesy of Puma.  Just in time to catch a wedding out our bedroom window.

dsc_0172Saturday was our day at the track! And Daryl had no problem capitalizing on his Fame of the Grand Prize Puma Winner! We found Matthew Johnson and Daryl got a private tour of Travis Pastrana’s Dodge Dart.

dsc_0443We caught a bit of NASCAR Truck series from the roof top of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

dsc_0983Finally it was time for Global Rallycross!  Here’s Stephen Stephan Verdier

dsc_1110Ken Block taking his own line for the first corner.  Scandinavian Flick?

dsc_1160The man, the myth, the legend.  Rhys Millen!

dsc_1222Toomas Heikkinen giving it his all with a blown rear tire and glowing rotors!

dsc_1231-largeKen Block all out!