Earlier this month I was able to go check out a new drift program located at Stateline Speedway in Idaho. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. It seemed like everyone I had talked to about it had no idea there was events being held out there. Most of you know, I really enjoy drifting and I also really enjoy local racing and I really wanted to check it out. So I loaded up my camera gear, grabbed a couple friends and headed out on a road trip! 7 hours and a bunch of stopping and acting like tourists at stops long the way as we made it to Spokane, Washington.untitled_panorama1

Stateline Speedway is just across the border from Washington into Idaho so we decided to find a place to stay for the night right in Spokane. Spokane is one of my favorite places to visit and is a very cool city. The architecture is awesome and you tell how old the town really is by the buildings. We wandered around the town with our cameras in hand having a great time just taking in the sights.

img_1223After a long night of wandering the city, we decided to call it a night and get ready for the morning.   A couple hours of sleep later, we were all getting ready to get to the track.  Stateline Speedway was much closer then we first thought. After a short 15 minute drive out of Spokane, we arrived just in time for the drivers meeting. It just happened to also be Mother’s Day and many of the racers were spending time with their families; so only a hand few of the drivers made it out for the day.

After talking to the two guys in charge of the Drift event, Trais Taylor and Trevor Mohror, this was actually a smaller turn out than normal.  Shortly after the meeting, cars started lining up on grid, waiting for the track to officially go hot. Trevor was first up to take starting grid duties.  Trevor and Trais not only set up and planimg_1486 the events out there, they run grid, clean the track if anything happens, and drive when they get a chance!  I was blown away at how hard they work, running the events and still finding time to hit the track.
Stateline Speedway is a small oval track with a paved section in the middle for figure 8 racing. Perfect for learning.  They typically run a revised FD New Jersey style line but by mid day the lines shift toward being more of a free style run. Everything is very laid back out there and the group of drivers seem very close friends; while at the same time very open to new people coming out to the track.  They even set their schedule up, to coincide with Evergreen Speedway so people are able to bounce between the two tracks and not miss any events. We included a couple videos of Trais and Trevor from Evergreen Speedway below. They videos show how a couple of guys, do what they love to do and go racing.

It is a breath of fresh air knowing that there are still programs sprouting up exposing more people to motorsports and track days. Trais and Trevor are doing a great job getting this program off the ground and running.

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