I’ve been obsessing over vintage rally films lately.  There’s a bunch of them scattered all over the Youtube-verse.  The cars, the driving, and the scenery is absolutely stunning.  I can only imagine what it must have been like to tear through the mountains and around cliffs on skinny tires and with absolutely no driver aids whatsoever.  The skills and shear guts it took to wheel an old car around the woods is impressive. Not that rally drivers have it any easier today, but it’s always fun to watch the heroes and legends of the past in action.

The Alpine Rally was held every year from 1952 to 1971.  Watching car entries like the BMW 328 roadster, Lancia Flavia, and Alpine A110 being hustled around rocky cliffs had to be a sight to behold! Frenchman Bernard Consten won it in 1958 driving an Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Here’s one of my favorites from the 1958 Alpine Rally.