For years we didn’t want to enter this event, due to how rough some of the lanes were, being that the car was fairly low, it made sense to prevent damage to the car and use the time to prepare for the Circuit of Ireland Retrospective Trial instead. This year was different. The development of the car has provided us with a lot more ground clearance and as such we were happy enough to enter.

Now, this wouldn’t be an event that we would approach any differently to normal, 2:30 am on the morning of the event, we closed up the workshop having just finished preparing two cars that were destined for the start line (and a third car which left earlier in the week)

So having managed about 3 hours sleep before trailing our sleepy tails down to the Ballymac Hotel for the start. Due to this tiredness (3 weeks of working, 70+ hours a week and a severe lack of sleep) much of the last few weeks were blurry; but our willingness to spur each other on got us and two other midgets to the start line on time.

Perhaps our lack of sleep and overall poor physical condition meant we just wanted the day to end, but whatever it was, we went out and drove as hard as we could, on some of the best lanes we have ever experienced. 21 tests proved to be tough work, especially with the opposition coming from all angles whether it was the MX5 of Robert Woodside Jr. or the Nova of Richard Meeke.  We really didn’t have a clue where we stood in the overall ranks throughout the day.  This is highly frustrating when you are used to swapping times with everyone at each test, and keeping your own set of basic results on the back of a scrap of paper (Damage Declaration forms are good for this)

This would also see Kerry Moreland (my fiancée) out for her first time doing an event in an MG Midget. Previously she had only been out in front wheel drive cars and sitting with John Kelly in the beautiful British Racing Green Midget was certain to pop her Midget cherry.

I can’t really explain very well how things went down, but concentration was high, almost 10 tins of Red Bull were consumed and we thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the day.

Great to catch up with a lot of the southern guys too who don’t tend to venture up here too often.

Anyway, before I collapse, here is the Overall Winner’s trophy Will and I got for our efforts. Overall a great weekend’s motorsport for The Midget Guys and Gals. The team is growing stronger in numbers with the addition of John Kelly and Kerry Moreland, Simon and Jack Brien, Hal Catherwood and Stephen Cartright! It is set to be an exciting year-end with modifications planned to all the cars and the drivers getting faster every event!!

Well done to all of QUBMC and their marshalls. Fantastic day and happy with the results.

Although we weren’t allowed to carry in-car cameras, hopefully this sound clip allows you to hear just how hard the wee Midget is being driven to bring home results like this. TURN IT UP!!

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