The 2012 Race to the Clouds is exactly one week away. Teams are flying in from all over the world as you read this. They are testing, unloading, mentally preparing, and fixing small issues with their vehicles. This group of competitors all share a common goal. Make it up America’s Mountain as fast as humanly possible.

While some drivers and riders have been competing for years, others have never even set foot on Pikes Peak. This is just one of various factors that will play into this year’s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. With the newly paved road comes questions on how to set the car up. In years past, teams could never use a full tarmac or road race setup. It was always a compromise between the crushed granite and the tarmac. Now the question is how stiff and low teams can take their cars while still being drive able on the rough highway. After all, just because Pikes Peak is paved, doesn’t mean its a completely smooth race track surface.

 With the new road, and new groundbreaking vehicles, we also have a new race date. A race date that could produce some interesting weather. In the past week alone it has snowed, rained, and hailed on the highway. Its almost like Pikes Peak is telling everyone, remember, I’m not just a race course, I’m a living, breathing mountain.

Stay tuned for competitor previews!!!