If you’re a fan of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb, you probably know a little about the cars competing. Some are new, some are old, but all are amazing in one way or another. Unlimited is the class that everyone always wants to know about. After all, this class basically consists of rules that say “Do whatever you want, just don’t kill yourself.” Some of the most iconic and recognized race cars in the world have competed in the Unlimited Division at Pikes Peak. It’s the division known for the roar, turbo whistle, and spine tingling sounds. Unlimited is about pushing the limits of what a race car and driver can do. As long as these cars pass safety inspection, they are good to go. Technical information about these cars is scarce, making it a little like stepping back into Group B rally racing. So read on, and see how these beasts compare side by side.

Car: 2012 Palatov D4PP
Driver: David Donner – Long time Competitor in the Open Wheel Division at Pikes Peak. Great family history at Pikes Peak.


Engine: Hartley H2 4-cylinder turbo (300+hp)
Transmission: Hewland sequential gearbox with electronic paddle shift
Drivetrain: Palatov lightweight AWD system
Suspension: Custom Palatov
Wheels: V2 competion wheels
Body/Chassis: Carbon body, floor and pilot pod
Weight: under 1000lbs

Car: 2012 Dacia Duster No Limit
Driver: Jean Philippe Dayraut – 3 Andros Trophy Titles, 3rd place in Unlimited 2011.


Engine: Heavily modified Nissan VR38DETT (875hp)
Transmission: Six-speed sequential Sadev
Drivetrain: Renault Sport AWD system
Suspension: Custom Coilover setup
Wheels: Custom Renault Sport
Body/Chassis: Tube Frame, Fiberglass and Carbon shell
Weight: 2,094lbs

Car: 1986 Ford RS200 Evo
Driver: Pat Doran – MSA British Rallycross Champion in 2002, 2005, 2009 & 2010


Engine: 2.4-litre BDT E2 (Julian Godfrey Engineering) with Garret Turbo. (925hp)
Transmission: X-Trac five-speed
Drivetrain: AWD with X-Trac plated front differential and FF viscous centre and rear diffs
Suspension: Reiger three-way tarmac dampers, double-wishbones and adjustable bladed anti-rollbars
Wheels: Speedline
Body/Chassis: Tube frame at front and rear with carbon shell
Weight: 2,000lbs

Car: 1991 Lovefab Acura NSX
Driver: Cody Loveland Co-Driver: Tabitha Lohr – Pikes Peak Rookies but master builders and fabricators.


Engine: Honda C30a Twin Turbo by Garret. heavily modified by Lovefab, Inc. (850hp)
Transmission: Stock NSX 6speed transmisson, Custom Exedy clutch
Drivetrain: RWD with OS-Giken LSD
Suspension: KW V3 suspension with custom spring rates. LoveFab -developed third element suspension to handle downforce
Wheels: HRE C96S
Body/Chassis: Tube frame front and rear, custom carbon body
Weight: 2,400lbs

Car: 2012 Chevrolet Colorado
Driver: Jimmy Keeney – 12 year Open Wheel Veteran, 2009 Rally America National SP champion.


Engine: modified Chevrolet V6, Supercharged (1,000hp)
Transmission: Porsche
Drivetrain: RWD
Suspension: Afco Coilover Suspension
Wheels: N/A
Body/Chassis: Full tube frame, composite fiberglass body
Weight: 1,750lbs

Car: 2011 PVA-03
Driver: Paul Dallenbach – Stunt driver, 6 Time Pikes Peak winner, 3 Time overall winner. 1993 course record holder. Various road racing wins. Dallenbach name is synonymous with Pikes Peak.


Engine: Small block Chevrolet V8 with twin Banks turbochargers
Transmission: 1996 Lola transverse 6-speed sequential transmission with 7.25-inch Quartermaster clutch
Drivetrain: RWD
Suspension: Rebuilt Indy Car suspension
Wheels: Custom lightweight and strong wheels
Body/Chassis: hand-crafted carbon-fiber bodywork
Weight: 2,000lbs

Car: 2012 Krispeak KA12
Driver: Kris Antal – 2011 PPIHC Time Attack 2WD 8th place. Has raced in Gokarts, Opel Astra Touring Cars, Formula Ford 1600 series.


Engine: N/A possibly Toyota 4cyl turbo
Transmission: N/A
Drivetrain: N/A
Suspension: N/A
Wheels: N/A
Body/Chassis: N/A
Weight: N/A (will probably be in the 1,800-2,400lb range)

..If anyone has information about the KrisPeak KA12 please leave a comment below!!

Car: 1983 Ford RS200
Driver: Mark Rennison – Former European Rallycross competitor, British touring cars, and Formula Fords


Engine: 2.4-litre BDT E2
Transmission: FFD 5-speed manual, with AP Racing twin plate paddle clutch with cerrametallic linings
Drivetrain: AWD with 50:50 or 63:37 torque split
Suspension: Custom Rallycross/Tarmac coilover setup
Wheels: Ford magnesium alloy racing wheels
Body/Chassis: Stipped down RS200 Chassis. Some tube frame and fiberglass parts.
Weight: 2,315lbs

So there you have it. There is no other place in the world where a Vintage Group B rally racer, a V8 monster with Indy parts, or a lightweight go-cart style vehicle can compete head to head. See everyone soon! – Colin Brandt