Check out the  My Life At Speed decal on the 2011 Centrifugal Punkin Chunkin World Champion. This is Greg Wolf, a friend of mine and he is part of Team Inertia.

Team Inertia and Inertia II is the 2011 World Champion – Centrifugal Division of the World Championship Punkin Chunkin Association.

The World Championship Punkin Chunkin Association (WCPCA) is a trademark nonprofit that raises money for scholarships, as well as organizations that benefit youth and the local community. We host a signature pumpkin-launching event each year, fueling innovative engineering and science-based ideas that draw spectators from all over. We believe that Punkin Chunkin cultivates the odd, challenging, and competitive quest for distance that inspires creativity, ingenuity, teamwork, and passion. It is this very dedication that drives teams to compete using science and engineering skills and brings spectators to the gate which allows us to continue our never ending thirst to support our scholarship and charitable programs.

The Punkin Chunkin World Championships are this coming weekend, November 2-4, 2012:
Royal Farms
18657 Sussex Highway
Bridgeville, DE 19933

Discovery Channel will be airing the event on Thanksgiving….until then, check out the recap video from 2011. Cheers and happy “punkin chunkin”.

Steve Nelson.