Ah, the weekend warriors! We know them well. You could safely presume that most of the participants in grassroots motorsports events don’t do that for a living. Working on cars and then racing them are more than hobbies to these folks. It’s their calling but they haven’t quite figured out how to make a living doing it. So from Monday to Friday they’re working for the weekend, when they can get their beasts out of the garage and onto the track. In tonight’s Top Gear USA, the presenters will be paying homage to the weekend warriors by converting a daily driver into a race car. However, don’t expect anything normal because you know, it’s these guys.

One of the best ways to get into professional auto racing is to start racing with your personal car, and over 130,000 Americans are giving it a try by racing their daily driver on weekends. But what if you want to try several different kinds of racing to see which you excel at? Could there be a daily driver that is competitive in many types of races? Tanner, Adam and Rutledge decide to find out when they each pick a competent daily driver then compete in a series of different, and increasingly out-there, races. Whoever chooses the best all-around race car will get to drive the ultimate toy for grown-ups when they race the exclusive street-legal Bowler rally car against an Enduro bike in the highlands of Scotland.” – BBC Worldwide


The episode airs on History Channel at 9:00pm EST and again at 1:01am EST.

Top Gear USA: Weekend Race Cars
2002 Subaru Impreza WRX, 1969 Baja Volkswagen Beetle and 1999 Mazda Miata. (Photo Credit: Adam Taylor, Copyright – © 2014 BBC Worldwide Ltd. “All Rights Reserved”)
Top Gear USA: Weekend Race Cars
Rut, Adam and Tanner stand in front of their cars. (Photo Credit: Adam Taylor, Copyright – © 2014 BBC Worldwide Ltd. “All Rights Reserved”)