The boys of Top Gear USA are at it again! Tune in Tuesday June 23rd at 9pm EST on History Channel to see Tanner Foust, Adam Ferrara and Rutledge Wood take on the polar vortex in a school bus…with a flamethrower. Unsurprisingly that was Adam’s idea but we’re looking forward to what other “improvements” were made to the bus and then of course what they do with it!

“I was a bus driver in Vail.  That was the only job I ever got fired from…for doing donuts in a 50′ bus in the Beaver Creek West lot in Vail.” – Conversation: Tanner Foust Part 2 (Click for full interview)



With massive storms devastating ill equipped parts of America this winter, Tanner, Adam and Rutledge decide to do their civic duty by trying to make a multi-tasking municipal hybrid in the form of a snow-plow school bus.  The person whose contribution is deemed the most useful gets to race the Nissan GTR against a competition level snowmobile. – BBC Worldwide


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Top Gear USA: Snow Show
Adam Ferrara getting his flame on in Top Gear USA episode, Snow Show. (Photographer: Alec Weinstein, Copyright: © 2014 BBC Worldwide Ltd. “All Rights Reserved”)