Spiro Razatos is one of my favorite people in Hollywood. I have been lucky enough to work with him as my Director many times. I worked for him on Driven, Talladega Nights, Herbie, and Death Race. He is one of the greatest film makers, stuntmen, and just all around great guy. I think you will enjoy this – it show Spiro as a kid and how he got into the business. Check out the clip below, of a movie that Spiro and I filmed together, “Death Race”.

“Death Race” was one of my films with Spiro. I was lucky enough to drive the Jag, and the mustang with Stunt star Jack Gill! We actually drove the car together in one scene, with Jack driving the car forwards and doing a 180, then I would take over from the rear of the car driving in reverse and then throwing a 180 myself. Crazy good times.

The cars: Ford Mustang GT, Dodge Ram 1500 4WD, Buick Rivera Chop Top, Jaguar XJS, Porsche 911, Chrysler 300C, Pontiac Trans Am, BMW 735i