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Momkhana: Ultimate Suburban Playground

Normally I refer to the minivan as the anti-Christ of the motoring world. A sign that you have given up on personal aspirations and thoughts of track days or carving through the mountain valley roads, nothing more than a very distant memory. A shadow of your former self, conforming to society and perpetuating the soccer mom stereotype. This video however, is proof that not all minivans have to be that way or the person driving it. 550 Horsepower V8, rear wheel drive AND a hand brake all in a seven passenger people mover? There is hope after all.



Written by Jason Brackett

Jason Brackett

I've been addicted to power and speed ever since the first time my head got pushed back into the seat under acceleration. I grew up with an affinity for engines and the arts, blending them together into my passions. Photography, writing and motorsports.

I've traveled the country in pursuit of my passions and paid the price with my health. I'm a living marvel of modern medicine and a beacon of the human spirit.

I was down and out for sometime but now, I'm back! With new hips, a slightly shorter digestive track and a drive to further my own ability.

I'm from Maine. I have a small farm with 57 acres in the foothills of the White Mountains. I have a beautiful wife with a little girl, 2 dogs, one cat, ten chickens, and garage space to build something terrifyingly awesome.

So ya, I'm living my American Dream.

I don't particularly care for long walks on the beach
Sunsets are cool but I prefer the smell of race fuel.
One of my favorites songs is the sound of a Audi five cylinder at 9000 RPMs under wide open throttle, spitting hellfire and brimstone between gears. That always puts a smile on my face.

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