Many dogs have a need for speed but not like Whisper. This mini Australian cattle dog has no problem climbing or flying off a mountain, along with her owner, Dean Potter. You might remember Potter, a veteran adventurer from the spectacular Moonwalk video which was part of the National Geographic project, “The Man Who Can Fly.” Since joining Potter’s family, Whisper has accompanied him on trips that involved hiking, surfing, mountain climbing and eventually BASE jumping.


“Dean Potter‘s evolution over the past two decades from innovative rock climbing and linewalking to free-solo climbing to his hybrid free-BASE climbing and BASE-line walking have made him one of the most iconic and pioneering adventurers of his generation.” – Mary Anne Potts for Beyond the Edge, May 27, 2014


You’d be right to wonder if this is smart or even safe for the dog. However Potter seems to take every precaution and then some to ensure that they make it to the ground safely. Still it’s not something we see every day. However from what is posted on Potter’s Facebook and Instagram pages, every day is an adventure for this man and his dog. Hat tip to Giorgina “Gina” Gottlieb.