When We Were Knights

Editor’s Note: 2016 is the 100th anniversary of the legendary Pikes Peak Hill Climb. It will be a year to remember and Team Johnny Killmore will be racing for the record! The sidecar team is piloted by My Life at SPEED contributor, Johnny Kilmore, and he has a new co-pilot this year with stunt coordinator and basejumper, Matt Blank. Here is Johnny’s introduction to Matt. WOW!

If you are interested in helping the team this year at Pikes Peak, here is their Go Fund Me page – check it out!

My sidecar Co-pilot Matt Blank  is actually a pilot of sorts himself. As a stunt coordinator he does a lot of base jumping both with and without a wingsuit. To choose that as a day job obviously takes a rare perspective on life, death, passion… and what it means to be a living creature on this planet. GoPro has recently shared the following video which is impossible to watch without reflecting on friendship in all its forms.

I could go on but let’s have Matt explain it himself:

When We Were Knights from GoPro on Vimeo.


Directed and Edited by Anson Fogel Primary Footage by Matt Blank and Ian Flanders Produced by GoPro and Camp4 Collective Music by Keith Kenniff / Unseen-Music.com Sound Mix by Jeffrey Yellen / RidgelineSound.com Color by Anson Fogel Additional Footage Courtesy of: Sean Chuma, Renan Ozturk, Joey Schusler, Kevin Bennett, Donald Schulz, Mike Naddor, Dan Dupuis Also appearing: Brenden Weinstein, Matthew Kenney, Cengiz Cocak, Jill Kuzman, Domonique LaFleur, Charles Kurlinkus, Dan Dupuis “To Much Time On My Hands” by Styx, Copyright 1981 A&M Records, Courtesy Universal Music Group All words written and spoken by Matt Blank are solely his without other authorship.