It was another beautiful spring Sunday morning when I made spontaneous changes to my weekend plans and decided to attend the Larry’s Off-Road Center’s Nationals 2014 in Xenia, Ohio. This event has been held for over 30 years attracting many from great distances.


As you can see by the awesome VWs in the photographs, it was an exclusive Volkswagen show which is what attracted me to change my plans suddenly. When you combine mostly air-cooled drag racing VWs, a car show of all kinds including fun and rail buggies, vintage, rat rods, and modded water-cooled VWs, a swap meet, and numerous vendors, this is my kind of fun place to be.









I was happy to have the opportunity to take my six-year-old son to experience this event. Isaac was excited about being daddy’s “special assignment assistant” with our My Life at Speed shirt and hat. We spent most of our time checking out the scene and cars as well as two stand-by periods at the track due to oil spills.



This was my first time experiencing air-cooled VWs drag racing and it was an exhilarating treat. The drag racing included Super Pro, Pro, and modified Street. Some of these cars ran less than 7.5 seconds in a 1/8 mile. The sound of an air-cooled flat four race engine is a very unique and appealing sound.

It is my pleasure to share with you some of the cars and colors of the day.