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The Ridiculousness of This Rolls Royce Is Well, Ridiculous

Forced Induction Friday #FIF

While cruising through some youtube videos I stumbled upon a title that said “Blown Rolls Royce-74”. OK, you have my attention.

What I saw next was a cross between Mad Max and Driving Miss Daisy. All and all it kind of suited the Rolls Royce. It was gaudy, yet refined. Over the top and with a horsepower rating of sufficient. I mean, just look at the elegant cage work inside. Not to mention the wine and glasses holder in the center.

I’m curious what has happened to this vehicle. Owner Petri Plosila’s “Pro Classic” Rolls- Royce Silver Shadow is about all I could find.  Doing a quick search only showed a couple videos. I hope it’s still alive. Anyone that may know, sound off in the comments below.

Anyway, enjoy the video!

Written by Jason Brackett

Jason Brackett

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