The first time I laid eyes on an SRT Viper (formerly Dodge) was in an eponymous 1990’s TV show and fell in love with it.  There was absolutely nothing like that on the roads in my country; and although the show has long gone to the television graveyard, my love for the car remained.  I even had a Viper screensaver on my computer in work, so that I could have something beautiful to look at during tea breaks.

You can imagine the near histrionics when I saw this eGarage video.  It tells the tale of a woman named D’Ann Rauh, who along with her husband Wayne, have a collection of over one hundred cars and sixty-five of them Vipers.  Sixty-five!

D'Ann Rauh and her Viper Collection
D’Ann Rauh and her Viper Collection (Photo Credit: eGarage)

“I don’t feel like I have too many cars.  Like other women, do they think they have too many pairs of shoes in their closet?” – D’Ann Rauh

Please take note of the two-toned gold and brown 2010 Viper that was featured on Autoblog, as the last vehicle made by the factory.  In addition to the ACRX that they can’t drive off the property because it’s not street-legal.  Oh and guess who were the very first customers to take factory delivery of a 2013 SRT Viper?  You got it!

A female car collector isn’t as strange as one might think.  If you ever get a chance to attend a Concours d’Elegance, I guarantee that you’ll meet more than one proud lady (some of a “certain” age) who knows and loves every inch of her classic car on display.  It’s understandably tough for some to watch D’Ann speak lovingly of her huge collection, without feeling a twinge of jealousy.  However, as a longtime fan of these cars, I urge you to think of it as something to aspire towards, than frown upon.  Honestly speaking, if we could, we all would have a building full of cars too.  Special thanks go to eGarage for the video and incredible photos.

Rauh Collection: ACRX and Final 2010 Viper
The intimidating Viper ACRX and the last factory-produced Viper from the Rauh Collection (Photo Credit: eGarage)
Some of the Vipers in the Rauh Collection
Some of the Vipers in the Rauh Collection (Photo Credit: eGarage)