ICE…What do you think of when you hear the word ICE?  Olympic Ice Skating, Ice Tea (the drink), Ice-T (the actor), Ice on a sprained ankle (ouch), an Ice Cold Beer, or might it be Ice on a lake?  Hmmm…What could you do with 18″ of ice on a lake?  You know where I’m going.  You’ve been sitting on the couch all winter having withdrawals from racing…you are going to race come hell or frozen water.

Enter HARRY’S ROAMERS MOTORCYCLE CLUB.  HRMC is the oldest AMA chartered club in Colorado, ranked #38 with the AMA.   HRMC is a nonprofit Colorado Corporation dedicated to promoting the sport of Motorcycling.  The club promotes the Colorado State Championship Ice Racing Series which is held every year, January through February, at Rainbow Falls Park near Woodland Park Colorado.

This series features numerous classes of spiked and non-spiked Motorcycles and Quads.  The racers are a diverse group ranging from the old dudes sporting grey beards and riding vintage machines to children on quads barely reaching the foot pegs.  Young & old, and everyone in between, make for a full day of nonstop racing. Don’t forget the women.  There are some extremely good women riders who really know how to lean the bike into the corner and spray the crowd with a shower of ICE.

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