Like most people, my work week started out similar to anyone other. I had a hectic schedule and had to work in Colorado and Wyoming for my day job. The week was more crazy than most and by Wednesday I was drained and needed a break. That break came Wednesday evening when I got a call from My Life at Speed asking if I could cover the upcoming Global RallyCross event in Las Vegas on Saturday night. I quickly agreed and then started looking for a flight. In no time I had a flight booked and then I got one more added surprise, not only would we be covering Global Rally Cross, but we would also get to see our first NASCAR Truck series event at the speedway. Things were looking up and this was just the break I needed.

Upon arrival at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway I was greeted to a pretty incredible sight.  This would be my first time in the speedway side of the complex and it was filled with NASCAR Trucks and GRC Rally cars. I registered for my media vest and then hit the pits. This was going to be a great event.

Seeing the different NASCAR teams and their set ups on pit lane was a new experience for me.

After walking the pits, then looking at the trucks on the grid getting ready to race, we decided to hit the roof to take in the whole scale of the event and the track. The race began and within a couple laps there was an accident with one of the trucks sliding after turn 4.

After getting my fill from the NASCAR race, after about 90 laps, I decided to walk into the speedway center where I could over look the pits, as well as watch the race live on TV. After that, I made my way down into the GRC pit areas.

Shortly after being in the GRC garages, the NASCAR race ended and then the crew began to build the track for the rally cross race and soon the event would be underway. Once the races started there was an unfortunate accident during the first race when Richard Burton came up short on the jump and crashed his Subaru between the gap. Fortunately the driver was ok and the race proceeded forward. I ended up spending most of my time near the jump as Eric shot the rest of the field.

We did manage to get a couple crossover pictures.

We even got a shot of two Ford Fiestas airborne.

This was a very competitive event, the field was very close with a huge amount of very talented drivers and incredibly fast cars. In the end, Tanner Foust was victorious, not only as the event winner, but also the winner of The Discount Tire Cup and took home a check for $25,000.

The Global Rally Cross series is a favorite of mine. I have covered handfuls of these events all over the country and I am looking forward to seeing this series grow, and as each new season begins I can’t wait to see what new drivers have jumped on this bandwagon to show what they can do. Look forward to more coverage of this event coming soon.

– Matt G.