Gatebil is the most bonkers car show on the face of the planet. If you’ve never been then it’s a must do before you die experience, but no amount of reading up about the event will truly have you prepared for the most outrageous car show in the World.

The likes of Buttsy Butler, Team Japspeed, Team Black Smoke, ProDrift and Kenneth Moen flew the black and green flag out on the punishing Rudskogen circuit (the home of Gatebil) as well as being joined by the crazy crew of Garage-D. The cars were loud, the music was fast and the girls were… never too far behind. Gatebil lays on everything for those who are into cars or not. Over 50,000 partyheads crammed into camp sites that become raving villages for the weekend, from rock to dirty dubstep, the Nordic countryside echoed to a headonstic beat for the full 72hrs of the event and the Monster Energy Aftertrack was at the nucleus.