For the past few years, internet audiences all over the world have been thrilled by the high-flying GoPro BombSquad.  Neil Amonson, Marshall Miller, Jesse Hall and JT Holmes haven’t tried to defy gravity, but engaged in aerial dances with it.  These guys have no problem jumping from great heights and descending to earth in the most spectacular fashion.  In this video, they braved the Alaskan cold to go speed flying.  Follow them on Facebook to keep up with their adventures.

From Wikipedia:
Speed flying (also known as speed riding) is the air sport of flying a small, fast fabric wing, usually in close proximity to a steep slope. Speed flying and speed riding are very similar sports; speed flying is when the speed wing is foot-launched, while speed riding (or ski gliding) is a winter sport done on skis.[1][2] Sustained flight with a speed glider is possible over a ridge in strong winds.

YouTube Description:
Shot 100% on the HERO2® camera from

When the GoPro Bomb Squad take a road trip in Alaska, you can be sure shenanigans will ensue. Come along for the ride as Neil Amonson, Marshall Miller and Jesse Hall speedfly their way through a whole bushel of fun!

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