Vimeo Description: The Callaway lifestyle film as we filmed so many different personalities for Eleven INC and Callaway Golf stories started to emerge between them. though many of them are separated by age, playing style, and gender, the way their game came to be and what the game of golf meant to them started to resonate. We hope you enjoy the story.

Featuring gary player, tervor immelman, annika sorenstam, alvaro quiros, morgan pressel, and phil mickelson.

Soundtrack is one of my favorites from amy seeley entitled ‘hem me in’ licensed through

tech notes:

throughout this series of films we used a wide array of tools including;

kessler crane KC12
cinevate atlas 30
kessler cineslider (with oracle)
zacuto z-finder
manfrotto 561 BHDV monopod
smallHD DP6 (with cinevate simplis)
kessler revolution head (with oracle)
steadicam zephyr (and a little flyer)

having so many options at our disposal can complicate things (and tempt you to overuse the gear) but also allows you to settle in and only use what is appropriate for the person and the moment. the entire series was a great exercise in restraint and staying focused on what we were trying to say.