Records were made to be broken but in the automotive world, there’s something very special about breaking a record on hallowed ground like the Nürburgring in Germany.  Perhaps the only thing better would be to shatter your own record, and that’s exactly what Englishman Andy Carlile did.  Of the top five fastest lap times of the Nordschleife, Carlile set the top three with his fastest of 7:10 on a 2005 Yamaha YZF-R1 motorcycle.

According to Bridge to Gantry, AndyPath as he’s known, didn’t modify the engine at all but focused on weight reduction.  It also doesn’t hurt that he actually moved to Nürburg, Germany and spent many, many hours to learn the circuit in fine detail.  He received some help from BlackStoneTek wheels, Dunlop D211 GP Racer Tires and Nitron Racing Shocks but everything on that bike is road legal.  Despite his passion and years of experience, he admits that this is a dangerous undertaking.  Here’s the video of his setting his third lap record and 7:10 lap tell us what you think.  Do you think he could have done a faster lap if there weren’t other riders and drivers on the Nordschleife?