When you think of Italian supercars, what are some of the names that spring to mind?  Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati are all perfectly acceptable responses.  However, there’s another manufacturer on the horizon with hopes of joining that elite list – Mazzanti Automobili.  Back in 2005, Carrozzeria Faralli & Mazzanti introduced the world to the Antas GT at the Gran Premio Automobilistico di Roma.  That one-off masterpiece was built in the Faralli Restauri, where Mario Faralli and his protégé Luca Mazzanti restored classics like the Cisitalia 202, Ferrari 500 Mondial and “Il Mostro” the Maserati 450 Costin/Zagato that Sir Stirling Moss raced in the 1957 24 Hours of Le Mans.  Later on, Mario’s son Walter teamed up with Luca to form F&M.  The Antas GT’s design hearkened to a bygone era and more traditional method of production.  As told to Autoblog, “Nothing was developed by computer; everything came from the heart, from the imagination and the capable hands of experts.”

The Antas GT by F&M
The Antas GT by F&M (Photo Credit: http://www.mazzantiautomobili.it/)

They followed up in 2008 with the Vulca V12 which was dreamed up by Hungarian designer, Zsolt Tarnok .  This was a bit more modern but still paid homage to the Berlinetta models of yesteryear.  Increasing demands upon the company led to a split in 2010.  Faralli Restauri still restores vehicles, while Mazzanti Automobili focuses on supercars and brand development.  The first model is the Evantra V8 and it’s quite a beauty.  Unlike the Antas GT that was more of a blast from the past, the Evantra V8 which was referred to as Mugello in teasers, is a leap into the future.  It was designed by Mazzanti and Tarnok.  With a sleek and classy yet aggressive stance, this two-seat coupe is definitely a head-turner.

The Vulca S V12 by F&M
The Vulca S V12 by F&M (Photo Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/femauto/)

The Mazzanti philosophy dictates that a car should be more than just a means of transportation, but an expression of passion.  Only five will be made annually and each car is “tailor-made” for its owner.  One can choose to have an all-aluminum ONE BODY exclusively hand-crafted instead of a manufactured, carbon fiber composite PRO BODY.  The Evantra’s V8 7.0L engine is naturally aspirated and comes with a 6-speed sequential gearbox.  It produces 701 Hp at 6600 rpm and can go from 0-100 km/h in 3.2 seconds, with a maximum velocity of over 350 Km/h.

“The creation of each Evantra is a unique and emotional experience for those who participate in the project such as for the client who follows the birth of the car in each phase.  Evantra V8 was not born to please everyone, instead to be herself and to generate emotions with her character and exclusivity”. – Luca Mazzanti

Mazzanti Automobili’s “tailor-made” concept naturally extends to that part of the car which requires sewing – the interior.  They’ve partnered with FB1913 who provide high quality materials for the seats and dashboard.  The Evantra Collection by FB1913 debuted with the car at this year’s Top Marques Monaco and made from the same materials used in the car’s interior.  Despite all these intriguing facts, figures and beautiful photographs of the Evantra V8, there is one thing we haven’t seen yet – a test drive.  Brazilian former-F1 driver, Luiz Razia, got to drive one but there’s an unfortunate lack of video footage.  Although the Evantra V8 may always be a rare find, we’ve seen other singular supercars featured on TV shows with the word “Gear” in the title.  In fact, My Life at Speed has more than a few friends who would gladly volunteer to test it out.  Until then, we’ll keep our eyes peeled at the motor shows for this chariot of the Etruscan gods.  Keep up with the latest from Mazzanti Automobili by connecting with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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Photo Credits: http://www.mazzantiautomobili.it/