Caribbean people love racing and as a certified Caribbean person, I can testify that if there’s a race, we’ll be there.  We’re not fussy either.  Cars, horses, boats or goats, if something’s going fast – we want to see it happen.  That being said, here are highlights from the final leg of Rally Jamaica 2013/FIA Nacam Rally from Madd Vision Production’s YouTube channel.  Besides the dusty, dirty, high-flying, and water-splashing action – check out the fans.  This is typical of sporting events in that part of the world.  Everybody’s hanging out.  Music is blasting.  I can guarantee that there are coolers full of cold beverages and lots of tasty food.  Everybody’s having a great time, and already making plans for the next one.

About Rally Jamaica:

Rally Jamaica is the second longest running International rally in the Caribbean, and one of the the region’s biggest annual motorsport event.  Although the tropical island of Jamaica is the setting for what has now become a 3 day event over loose gravel stages and super special stage in the heart of the metropolis – New Kingston and since 2010 Downtown Kingston.

Don’t be fooled to think that the machinery is third class, quite to the contrary – the machinery is world class, the competition is fierce and the rivalry is like no other, but the camaraderie is the high point of it all and the action from the thrills and spills of the sport are amongst the most entertaining in the world.

Over the past years we have been entertained by 1994 World Champion Didier Auriol, and National Champions from around the region and further afield, including England, Costa Rica, Japan, and Sweden.