2017 was a year of action for the Drivers Inc. team — from awards and racing championships to the notoriety, trust and respect built throughout the commercial, television, and motion picture industries. With decades of experience and thousands of projects under their belts, the Drivers Inc. team spent 2017 on top and ahead of the competition in all driving arenas  – from off-road and road racing to drifting, semi-trucks and motorcycles. When they’re not in the drivers seat, the team is collaborating with national agencies and top directors on creative input and production companies on project development and budgeting.  Drivers Inc. continuously strives to be the gold standard for professional driving. Keep an eye out for the team in 2018.

Some of our favorite gigs in 2017

Hubie Kerns

When you need someone to team up with a legend like Dodgers’ announcer Vin Scully, you get a legend.
Drivers Inc.’s Hubie Kerns recently doubled for the Hall of Famer in an ad for Nike.




Brent Fletcher

Imagine a world without apps.
That was the scenario posited in a recent spot from Apple. And in the middle of that spot, Drivers Inc.’s Brent Fletcher got to Pipe Ramp a old Bronco.
It was pretty awesome.




Kelly Hine-Persson

Tired of waiting in the drive thru line, a woman decides to test out her Firestone Destination LE 2 tires by veering off-road before crashing through a barn.
The one crashing through the barn?  None other than Drivers Inc.’s Kelly Hine-Persson.




Rhys Millen

When Drivers Inc. members aren’t working, they’re playing hard.
Rhys Millen represented DI along with Brent Fletcher, Mike Johnson, and Greg Tracy at the 50th running of the Baja 1000 in Mexico this November.




Greg Tracy

Audi’s innovative partnership with ReddIt, “Think Faster,” returned recently, and it did not disappoint with Greg Tracy behind the wheel.
“The shows were live and the approach for making something like this work out is quite a bit different. With millions of views, it has been a success for everyone involved and that makes me very happy.”



Greg Tracy & Paul Dallenbach

When two Audi Sport drivers go head-to-head to find the last remaining spot in a parking lot, fun ensues.
When those two drivers are Drivers Inc.’s Paul Dallenbach and Greg Tracy, it makes for an epic commercial.




Rich Rutherford

When Black Panther comes calling, you get on the next flight to South Korea. Look for Drivers Inc.’s Rich Rutherford in Black Panther on February 16, 2018.
“The action in the movie should be entertaining and, luckily, I had a good role in the action. I was the lead bad guy get-a-way driver, which is always fun.”




Mike Johnson

Genesis doesn’t ask if they can make great cars. They just make them.
“We Don’t Ask” featured Drivers Inc.’s Mike Johnson at the wheel of the featured Genesis G80 Sport, along with Greg Tracy riding a Ducati motorcycle and Paul Dallenbach driving another Hyundai.




Sera Trimble

When Subaru wanted to make a splash at the LA Auto Show with the new Ascent, they put some dogs to work.
As Sera says, “A car of eight dogs drove out on stage… or did they?”



Brett Smrz

When it was time to relaunch a legendary vehicle, Jeep put Drivers Inc.’s Brett Smrz behind the wheel.
Brett drove the new 2018 Jeep Wrangler through every type of terrain in Mammoth, Calif., in the new movie trailer-themed spot, “A Legend, Evolved.”




Tony Brakohiapa

A new season of FOX’s Lethal Weapon is underway with a familiar face back behind the wheel. Of course, the only place you’ll see his face is here or on his social media.
Doubling for Daman Wayans (Roger Murtaugh), one of the show’s stars, is Drivers Inc.’s Tony Brakohiapa.